"What is most striking when you come face to face with Edoardo Krumm's work is the perception of an extremely intimate and particular environment in a collective context.


In his work the interest for the animate as well as for the inanimate are brought together under the same blanket of human condition that flows into a poetics connected to his time, and that finds shelter in the close relationship, sometimes synthetic, between the individual and everyday objects, at other times analytical, between man and the social fabric he is immersed in every day.


A poetics that is fixed directly on the canvas with brushes and colors, those glazes that do not intend to rethink but that require a deep knowledge of the technique which is combined with a deep knowledge of the human soul that they celebrate."


           Marzio Mori 

Art Restorer - Expert of Perugia Belle Arti

November 2020



"Untitled paintings, as he himself says, almost as if to invite the viewer to "let himself be taken" by nothing more than the expressive immediacy of his painting, all outside of mental schemes".  Luciano Spiazzi


"In conclusion, we must say that the painting of Edoardo Krumm is a testimony of high artistic value, conceived by those who have known and know in depth the secrets of art".  Lino Lazzari    



"Krumm is a very wise and passionate interpreter of the use of enamels that allow special effects of mixing".  Roberto Perotti