The Artist's son, ERMANNO KRUMM

from his poem collection "RESPIRO"  (BREATH): 


From modernity he accepted synthesis, deformation and unfinished work. "Drawing, drawing, drawing": he would never have abandoned it. (...) I suggested that he should go further, to make abstraction a proving ground for his hand and his passion. And he created parallel worlds, objects of invention full of matter, shadows, lights, planes, without empty games of colors. Even the grays, the whites, even the snow passed through the system of lands, burnt lands, lands of Siena, ocher: the range of browns up to the dark brown gave solidity to the terrestrial plant of his paintings.


He used certain Loecher enamels that had great coverage and no graininess. A real alternative to oil: same strength and more shine and a certain sense of contemporaneity.


I watched the cuttings of light and the shadows on the bodies, I watched everything taking shape on the surface of the canvas.


I thought his painting was mine too.

Ermanno Krumm

(Varese 1942-Como 2005)


Essayist, intellectual, journalist, art and literature critic, but above all a poet.


His activity as an art critic for the Corriere della Sera newspaper was very intense.


As a poet he published the collections Le cahier de Monique Charmay (1987), Novecento (1992), Felicità (1998), Animali e uomini (2003) and Respiro (2005).


In this last collection the poeM speaks of his father Edoardo Krumm: Portrait of the painter as a father.